Saturday, October 4, 2008

Silence (not reacting) can be a strong tool of censorship

Getting reactions and comments from friends (who prefer to call me or email rather posting comments on the blog, thanks for choosing whatever way you choose to express your views and comments)!

A strange not very unexpected thing happened - that may come as a surprise - to readers who are NOT journalists or not yet in the positions of decision making or who have not yet crossed the threshold to get a peep into how media world decisions are made.

I posted my comments “about one Indian journalist’s coverage of Indian Prime Minister’s face expression when he spoke to French President Nicolas Sarkozy about Sikhs’ demands to wear turbans,” on the website of most of Indian mainstream newspapers including this journalist’s who was on board the plane carrying the Indian Prime Minister. (The answer to the question who paid for these accompanying journalists is known to all journalists).

But I was not surprised to find that NONE of these newspapers’ comment scan mechanisms let those Strong Comments to pass along to readers.

There was no bad/vulgar language nor was there any other criteria violated (myself being a journalist) but that did show how far the Indian media field is free and frank.

These are the latest ways of Modern Media Censorship as Silence is the best tool used by modern day media giants and one, who wants to go far in the herd mentality dominated sector, tries best to fit into the system.

I will sign out on one point that was told decades ago by an ex-Professor TS Lamba at IIT Kharagpur, “You should fit into the system and by finding fault in the system you cannot be successful.” The learned Professor was so right as I dropped out without a degree from Indian Institute of Technology but was invited to speak at a function/conference at a sister institute, IIT Kanpur this year.

More on that experience tomorrow!

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